Sabre of Honour


“Peter Branicki pledges to avenge his Polish father’s death; joining Napoleon Bonaparte during his stunning Italian campaign, he is awarded a Saber of Honour; but can Peter honour his pledge to his father?”

(Racławice, Poland 1794) When his father is killed in a revolt against the Russian occupation of Poland, Peter Branicki, a Polish exile living in Paris, dedicates his life to the fight for independence and the recovery of the missing Grunwald Sword, a legendary symbol of Polish nationhood. However, the mayhem of Le Terreur in Revolutionary Paris forces Peter to flee to England where he joins a local cavalry regiment. When a torrid affair with a senior officer’s wife leads to a duel, Peter returns to France where dissolute, hard-drinking Sergeant Raoul Aguirre persuades him to join a French chasseur regiment.

During an unsuccessful Royalist rebellion in Paris, Peter and Raoul save Napoleon Bonaparte’s life and are rewarded when the young Corsican general invites them to join him as he takes command of the French Army of Italy. In a stunning campaign, Bonaparte destroys the larger Austrian and Piedmontese armies, while Peter and Raoul are recognized for the capture an Austrian color and are awarded Sabers of Honour. Peter subsequently joins the Brothers of
Dobrzyń, a secret society of Polish patriots who agree to help him in his search for the Grunwald Sword and to create a Polish Legion to fight alongside the French Army against Austria.

At the final battle of the campaign, the capture of enemy guns by Peter, Raoul and the embryonic Polish Legion prompts a stunning French victory, and Peter is selected by Bonaparte to present the captured enemy colors at a magnificent spectacle in Paris. However, a romantic liaison threatens his quest for the Grunwald Sword; can wily Raoul find a solution?

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