Intriguing; amazing page turner…

Sabre of Honour for me is a awesome take on a period based story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing page turner, the novel is an enjoyable read from start to finish. The characters came to life in this great novel, I love Simpson’s voice and he’s take on this classic period set story. Simpson also did a terrific job in this intriguing drama from the lovable but yet very believable characters.

Ladies will love Mr Branicki as he is the kind of hero that all guys want to be, and all girls would love to be with. I normally read a novel in about two weeks, but I found myself going slower with Simpson’s classic tale as I didn’t want to rush away this enjoyable story of Sabre of Honour.

The novel is sexy with very loveable characters throughout. It’s sad in places yet there laugh-out-loud moments too. Moments that will have you intrigued even more in is this heart felt tale. If you like a new take on an old period drama set in an unforgettable time then this wonderful read is for you.

I adored how Simpson’s strong engaging voice pulls you in for the get go. I couldn’t put this page turner down, but I had to for work, but I was counting the hours until I got home to it, so I could once again get lost in this awesome book.

And now that I have just finished it, it has left me hungry for more. I cannot wait to read Simpson’s next novel. And I’m hoping it will be just intriguing as Sabre of Honour is.

I’m giving this touching yet mind blowing drama five stars for Simpson’s engaging voice and for he’s wonderful tale. Well done Sir, I’m now hooked and very must intrigued for your next book.

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